Beaux (150mg PLA + 50mg HA)


BEAUX (PLA 150) is a PLA dermal filler developed by Meamo Co. Ltd.

  • Removes wrinkles by regenerating collagen
  • Effects last up to 12 months
  • Comes as a powder in a freeze-dried form


Meamo has launched a series of dermal fillers, designed with consideration for the polymer retention time in the human body. This next-generation filler line is capable of providing volumizing effects through autologous collagen regeneration, lasting up to 24 months.

BEAUX is a powder-form PLA filler. It provides a natural volumizing effect by stimulating autologous collagen tissue production.

BEAUX vial box

Key Features of BEAUX

  • Perfect Spherical Shape: Allows easy and less painful treatments.
  • Short suspension time: Very fast and easy to prepare.
  • Biodegradable components: PLA decomposes naturally, thus providing natural rejuvenation and treatment of wrinkles & collagen regeneration. Effects last up to 12 months.
  • Added Hyaluronic Acid: Includes 5mg of HA for additional moisturizing and plumping effects.

Key Ingredients of BEAUX

  • Poly(D,L-Lactic acid): 150 mg
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA): 50 mg
BEAUX PLA formula

What's Inside BEAUX

  • 1 Vial (200 mg)
  • Instruction leaflet

Mechanism of BEAUX

BEAUX is a next-generation powder-form filler that stand apart from conventional hyaluronic acid-based fillers by effectively
using the mechanism of autologous collagen production. Unlike typical fillers that solely provide volume enhancement, BEAUX
also delivers natural reproduction of collagen.

BEAUX BEAUY comparison with usual HA filler


Treatment interval BeauX

Safety & Performance of Beaux

Safety and performance of BEAUX was verified and guaranteed through authorized tests.

  • Physicochemical performance tests
  • Endotoxin test
  • Particle size ditribution test
BEAUX BEAUY Safety tests

How to use BEAUX

1. Inject 3-6 ml of sterile water or saline into the vial using a sterile syringe.

Beaux Beauy step 1

2. Mix the vial using a vortex mixer at a speed of 3,000 rpm for 30 minutes or until the freeze-dried powder is completely dissolved.

Beaux Beauy step 2

3. Once all components of the mixture are uniformly dispersed, proceed to use the mixture after attaching an 18G needle to a sterile syringe.

Beaux Beauy step 3

4. Attach a 25G needle. Insert the needle at a 30-40 degree angle to the desired depth. Slowly inject the solution while simultaneously removing the needle.

Beaux Beauy step 4

Storage Precautions

  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Never heat or freeze this product.
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight.
  • This product is single-use only. Don’t keep if seal is broken.

Frequently asked questions

What makes BEAUX unique compared to other dermal fillers?

  • BEAUX fillers stand out due to their unique blend of Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This combination not only provides immediate volume and smoothing effects but also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production for long-lasting results, with effects lasting up to 24 months.

What is the recommended treatment protocol using BEAUX?

  • The recommended treatment course with BEAUX involves 3 sessions, spaced 4 weeks apart. This initial course is designed to provide optimal results. To maintain these effects, it’s advised to have repeat procedures every 12 months after completing the initial course of treatment.
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