Looking for a reliable supplier with reasonable prices?

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or business owner, our wholesale program offers a seamless way to stock your shelves with high-quality products that your customers will love.

Meamo invites you to cooperate!

Meamo values all its customers and strives to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with each of them. But wholesale cosmetic buyers, who want to develop their business, grow and progress with us, always become our reliable partners.

We understand that building your own business is always associated with risks, worries and difficulties in forecasting. Will your company find its customers? Will your products be popular? What if your bulk cosmetic suppliers fail you at the most crucial moment?

All these questions are clear and familiar to us because we once built our business in the same way in the Meamo store.

That's why we understand the worries of our wholesale customers. And we try to do everything to become a reliable partner and profitable supplier of the most popular products on the retail market.

We are ready to offer you competitive wholesale prices for Korean cosmetics, quality assurance of our products, and comprehensive support and maintenance. To become our wholesale partner, just fill out the form here and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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Wholesale prices

Our wholesale pricing structure offers significantly more competitive rates compared to retail prices, ensuring cost-efficiency for your business.

Personalized support​

You will be assigned a dedicated personal manager who will assist you in navigating the ordering process and selecting the most suitable products for your business.​

Flexible payment options

Our wholesale system offers various payment methods, tailored to accommodate your specific preferences and requirements.

Extensive product range

Access an expanded array of more than 500 products, allowing you to meet a wide range of customer needs and preferences.

Worldwide Delivery

We delivery packages to any country. Rest assured we will find a way to reach you safely and as fast as possible.

Boost your business

The deliberate financial policy is designed to support our wholesale customers' business growth.

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