PDO Twin Threads (20ea)

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Neogenesis Twin (Twisted Filaments) Threads: Compact net design for rigid cell support & collagen synthesis.
Perfect for deep wrinkles and lifting on face and neck.

  • 20 PDO Twin threads per pack.

27G 50mm, 26G 38mm, 26G 50mm, 26G 90mm, 27G 38mm, 27G 90mm, 29G 25mm, 29G 38mm, 29G 50mm, 30G 25mm, 30G 38mm, 31G 12mm, 31G 25mm


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One variant of Mono mesothreads is the twisted type known as “Mono Twin” or “pigtail”. This variation distinguishes itself from monofilament due to a significant fundamental aspect. Instead of a single thread, two smooth threads, devoid of notches, are inserted into the needle hole from its sharp end, being twisted together like a “pigtail” along their entire length.

This type of mesothread proves to be significantly more efficient than monofilament. The unique structure of this thread yields a strengthened reinforcement mechanism and prolonged biostimulation of the dermis.


Enhanced Strength:

Braids consist of two interwoven fibers, leading to increased strength, providing robust support for lifting procedures

Stimulating Effect

Upon introduction under the skin, a noticeable stimulating effect is observed, potentially enhancing skin rejuvenation and firmness

Diverse Applications

The versatile material is commonly utilized for lifting various facial areas, including the oval of the face, cheeks, forehead, nasolabial folds, neck, and chest

Strategic Placement

The threads are skillfully positioned in muscle tissue, as well as the middle and deep layers of the epidermis, ensuring targeted lifting and support in key facial regions


Polydioxanone has high-tensile strength. During the diffusion it stimulates formation of fibrous connective tissue.

Treatment areas

  1. Thinner Skin Layer Areas:

    • Periorbital zone
    • Nasolacrimal groove zone
  2. Presence of Changes in Specific Areas:

    • Neck zone
    • Nasolabial area
    • Formation of “jowls”
    • Submandibular zones

How to use

The function of mesothreads is straightforward. These threads are inserted into the deeper layers of the epidermis, where they are stretched and securely anchored in place. As time passes, connective tissue forms around the threads, leading to an improvement in skin texture and resulting in smoother, more elastic, and well-moisturized dermis.

Facelift Procedure Stages:

  1. Initial Consultation:

    • Before the operation, a consultation is conducted to evaluate the scope of the procedure, gather medical history, explain the procedure, and discuss postoperative expectations. This can be done by either a plastic surgeon or a cosmetologist with specialized training.
  2. Preoperative Preparation:

    • Markings are made on the skin in problem areas using a marker.
    • The skin is cleansed with an antiseptic solution followed by the application of local anesthesia.
  3. Thread Insertion:

    • Special needles with mesothreads are inserted into the marked areas of the skin.
  4. Thread Fixation:

    • The mesothreads are secured in place to achieve the desired lifting effect.
  5. Postoperative Care:

    • After completing the procedure, the skin is cleansed again with an antiseptic.
    • Soothing and healing gels are applied to aid in the recovery process.

Correction of Chin and Neck with Mesothreads:

  1. Chin Correction:

    • Excess fat accumulation in the chin area is common. If present, liposuction is typically performed before thread lifting to address this issue. Neglecting liposuction may compromise the longevity of the lifting results.
  2. Neck Correction:

    • For the neck area, the material is implanted at a depth of 3–5 mm to avoid impacting nerve tissues and blood vessels. Local anesthesia is administered for pain management. To ensure aesthetic outcomes, punctures are strategically made in areas aligned with hair growth.
  3. Immediate Effects:

    • Resulting changes are noticeable after the initial session. The skin in treated areas becomes smoother, more elastic, and better hydrated. Enhanced collagen and elastin production leads to a rejuvenating appearance. A robust supportive framework is established, ensuring sustained tissue integrity even post-thread resorption or removal.

Effect duration

The factors affecting the duration of the effect of a thread lift can be broken down into separate items:

  1. Severity of Age-Related Changes:

    • Intensity in the problem area
  2. Individual Skin Characteristics:

    • Specific attributes of the skin
  3. Genetic Predisposition:

    • Inclination to early aging
  4. Lifestyle Habits:

    • Presence of bad habits
  5. Stress and Nervousness:

    • Level of stress and nervous overload
  6. Chronic Health Conditions:

    • Existence of chronic diseases

Recommendations for Post-Thread Lifting Rehabilitation:

  • Activity Limitation:

    • During the initial two weeks post-lifting, refrain from visiting pools, bathhouses, saunas, or solariums, and avoid swimming in natural water bodies or prolonged sun exposure.
  • Skin Care:

    • Wash your face gently to avoid injuring the treated areas. Use purified water and hypoallergenic products recommended by your doctor for hygienic routines.
  • Cosmetic Usage:

    • Avoid using makeup and opt for gentle skincare products with active oxygen components during the healing process.
  • Avoid Traumatic Procedures:

    • Steer clear of skin-injuring procedures like laser or acid peels, dermabrasion, or abrasive scrubs to promote optimal skin healing and recovery.

What's Inside

  • 20 PDO Twin lifting threads.

Storage & USE Precautions

  • Store in a cool, dry place between 1~30℃
  • Never heat or freeze this product.
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight

Please note that our products are meant to be administered by medical professionals. We are not responsible for any negative inflictions that may arise after administering products by yourself. We will not compensate for products that have been wasted or misused.

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