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How To Store Botox

How do we store botulinum toxins in your warehouse?
We take special care to the handling and storing of all of our products in our warehouse. Our warehouse is fully equipped with refrigerators that can store products containing botulinum toxins at a temperature of 2° C to 8° C. In this condition, they can be kept in storage for up to four years (depending on the product). We also monitor the temperature of our warehouse and any shifts in temperature is detected by a temperature controller. Such strict compliance with storage conditions enables us to ensure our customers that our products containing botulinum toxins are effective and safe.
When we transport products containing botulinum toxins, we place the products in a separate container with ice packs so that it remains to be stored at a low temperature. The volume of ice is carefully calculated, based on the shipping destination and the number of products to ensure that the temperature is well kept until the point of delivery to the customer.

How to store unopened botulinum toxins?
Each type of botulinum toxin has it’s own storage conditions and these are usually specified on the packaging. Most manufacturers recommend to keep botulinum toxins stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2°C to 8°C. Shelf life usually depends on the specific product but usually ranges from 24 months to 36 months. (36 months for 100 U Vial or 24 months for a 200 U vial). Always make sure to check the expiry date on your botulinum toxin vial before opening the product.
Many studies have been done to check what happens to the botulinum toxins when they are stored outside these recommended storage conditions and certain studies have shown that certain botulinum toxins remain stable for 14 days at a temperature of 25°C or 7 days at a temperature of 30°C. So there is no need to worry if your package arrives and sits in front of your house overnight or you have a refrigerator break down during the weekend. There is no need to dispose of your botulinum toxin.

How to store opened botulinum toxins?
Most of the manufacturers will recommend to throw away any leftover toxins after opening and diluting or to keep it for maximum 5 hours in the fridge. This short storage life of botox can lead to substantial quantities being discarded. Studies suggest that the storage recommendations by the manufacturer’s are often far too conservative. Researchers have compared the effectiveness of diluted botulinum
toxins and they have found that a fresh solution is just as effective as a four week old solution when stored properly. One thing to be weary of is sterility, as withdrawing multiple times from the same vial over a longer period of time can lead to bacterial contamination.

Reconstituted botulinum toxins should be clear, colorless, and free of particulate matter.

Note: it is highly recommended to keep botulinum toxins stored in a medical fridge which is capable of maintaining a specific temperature

Botox storage research summary
Below is a summary of a study conducted by Mee Young Park and Ki Young Ahn
Purpose of study: Test the efficacy between freshly reconstituted toxins and toxins stored for 4 consecutive weeks.
Test subjects: 94 volunteers divided into 5 groups, each group was injected with a toxin of a different refrigerator storage time (72h, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks). Each test subject was injected with fresh toxin into the EDB on one side and also with refrigerated toxin into the EDB on the opposite foot.
Measurement: Individual paralysis rates of the CMAP amplitude.
Results: The efficacy of reconstituted does not decrease in the first four weeks of being refrigerated.

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