All Products Sold On Meamo Shop Are KFDA Approved

KFDA Approved

Just like the FDA in the United States, Korea has its own Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, namely the MFDS, formerly known as the KFDA (Korea Food & Drug Administration). This is a South Korean government agency that is responsible for the promotion of public health by ensuring the safety of food items, medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and the development of the food and pharmaceutical industries. Like the FDA in the USA, the KFDA has a main goal to offer people safe drugs and food.

The KFDA was formed in April 1996 and in 2013, the organisation was reformed, upgraded to a ministry and shaped the way it is known today. The KFDA follows a strict set of measurements and tests to ensure that food and medical products can safely be used by the public.

What does this mean for Meamo Shop?

As Meamo Shop is a South Korean company, selling South Korean beauty products, we have to follow South Korean health and safety laws. All products, including skin boosters, fillers, botox, etc, sold on Meamo Shop are therefore approved by the KFDA before being allowed to be sold domestically and internationally. Meaning all products sold on Memo Shop are safe to be used by the public.