From Purchasing to Delivery

From Purchasing to Delivery

Dear all our new valued customers,

This is a short description of how our products are delivered.

In short, total delivery time can go up to 4 business days. The first leg of the trip will be as air freight to your country then afterwards by UPS. We will handle all Korean and US customs work ourselves so you won’t have to. Please keep in mind that this process can take up to 48 hours to complete.

To better serve you, we enlisted the help of Titantools to create a website called D41 that will show your shipment progress on a single view rather than having to look at air freight company and UPS websites. Once an order is made and it is shipped from our end, a link to access tracking information will be sent via email. A sample tracking view is shown below.

If you want to use another shipment method that uses a single carrier such as FEDEX, we can also arrange that  for you at no extra cost. We will not be able to handle the customs work on your behalf, but will happily assist you in that process with the necessary documentations.

For best customer experience, our managers will be on alert to assist you with any needs.

Thank you for you interest and if there is any other information you need, feel free to contact me directly through whatsapp or email.

p.s If there are other Korean products you are looking that you’d like to bundle with your order, please feel free to reach out to us as we are more than happy to assist you