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Innotox 100U (EXP: SEP 2024)


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Product details

VOM V, a revolutionary dermal filler, specializes in the meticulous treatment of fine wrinkles, particularly in sensitive facial areas. Leveraging the innovative R2 (R squared) manufacturing process, it ensures uniform filler distribution for natural and long-lasting results.

  • Ingredients: 20 mg/mL Hyaluronic Acid, Lidocaine
  • Type: Biphasic
  • Package: 2 syringes x 1.0 ml, needles (27G x 1 pcs, 30G x 1 pcs)
  • Results: Treatment of fine wrinkles
  • Shelf-Life: 36 months


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Enhanced Technology

Multi-layered phasic dermal filler based on R2 manufacturing process.


Uniform filler distribution without filler migration.


Contains two 1mL syringes, offering affordability and ease of use.

Painless Application

Designed for seamless and comfortable injections.

Safe to use

BDDE content was minimized by PNET technology​.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid (20 mg/mL)

Ensures hydration and volumization

liquid lidocaine drop

Lidocaine (0.3%)

Ensures painless treatments by having numbing effect

Minimal BDDE

BDDE content was minimized

BDDE stands for “1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether.” It is a chemical compound commonly used as a cross-linking agent in the production of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Here’s a brief explanation of its role and significance:

  1. Cross-Linking Agent: In the context of dermal fillers, BDDE is used to cross-link hyaluronic acid chains. This means it helps to chemically bond these chains together, creating a more stable and durable gel-like substance.

  2. Stability and Longevity: The use of BDDE in cross-linking enhances the stability of the hyaluronic acid gel. This results in dermal fillers that are more resistant to being broken down by the body’s natural processes, thereby extending the duration of their effects.

  3. Safety and Regulation: While BDDE is effective as a cross-linker, it can pose health risks if not used properly. Residual BDDE, which is BDDE that remains unreacted or unbound in the final product, can be harmful. High levels of residual BDDE might lead to adverse reactions, including irritation, inflammation, or more serious complications.

In summary, BDDE plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and longevity of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, while its use and residual levels are carefully regulated to ensure the safety of these cosmetic products.

The R2 process was meticulously developed for VOM line, incorporating rotation and revolution steps that yield a multilayered phasic dermal filler. As demonstrated in the image below, this advanced process ensures a uniform particle distribution, far superior to simple mixing methods. Consequently, it significantly minimizes the likelihood of unevenly distributed filler areas, guaranteeing a natural and flawless final look after treatment.