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Kabelline: choose your lipolytic wisely!

Kabelline has a popular analog, Kybella.

Many lipolytics, or fat dissolvers, are designed to be used only on the face or only on the body. However, there are a small number of quality all-purpose products. One of the most effective is the direct-acting lipolytic Kabelline.

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What is Kabelline?


It’s a universal direct acting lipolytic. Direct acting fat dissolvers directly destroy the fat cells that make up the fat deposits. They convert the fat released from the cells into an emulsion that is easily eliminated from the body. 

Kabelline has proven to be an excellent fat dissolver for the removal of double chins, to clearly contour the facial oval, chin and neck line, as well as the contours of the abdomen and waist.

There is only one active ingredient in the product - deoxycholic acid, the use of which is officially approved by the FDA.

Kabelline and its analogs

Kabelline has a popular analog, Kybella. Kybella, also called Belkyra, is a product of Allergan, the company that makes Botox. Of course, the capabilities of this cosmetic industry giant allow them to allocate huge budgets for marketing popularization of their product. However, when compared independently, it turns out that Kabelline is superior to Kybella in a number of ways!

1) Kabelline has a slightly lower concentration of active ingredient than Kybella. This does not affect the results, which have been proven in numerous studies. At the same time, the lower concentration of deoxycholic acid significantly reduces the risk of complications compared to Kybella.

2) According to user reports, bruising almost never occurs on the skin after the application of Kabelline. Unlike Kybella, which is often associated with pain, swelling, and subcutaneous bleeding that requires a long recovery.

bruising almost never occurs

3) Fat dissolvers should be injected multiple times with breaks between injections to maximize results. For Kybella, the interval between injections should be at least 1 month. With Kabelline, these intervals are 1-2 weeks.

4) Each Kybella treatment costs an average of $1,200 to $1,800. The cost of the physician’s services is only part of the total price. The rest is the high cost of the Kybella itself. Unlike this product, Kabelline in our store costs only $79 for a pack of 5 vials (8ml each), which is enough for a full course of several treatments.

lower price

Meamo store follows the principles of responsible consumption as declared by the UN. Therefore, our choice of products is based not on marketing campaigns with huge budgets, but on proven effectiveness and safety. Kabelline is a perfect example of such a product. It will give you no less quality results than its hyped counterparts, but at a significantly lower price.

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