Regenovue Aquashine Plus

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Product details

Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus contains hyaluronic acid partially cross-linked by intermolecular bonds. It works slowly but gives very long lasting results. Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus is ideal for long-lasting and very deep hydration and rejuvenation of your skin.

  • Deep and Lasting Hydration: This skin booster provides long-lasting and deep hydration, ideal for rejuvenating the skin.
  • Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid: It contains hyaluronic acid partially cross-linked by intermolecular bonds, which contributes to effective skin revitalization.
  • Gradual yet Long-Lasting Results: Despite its slow-acting nature, it delivers long-lasting and significant rejuvenating effects.
Main Ingredients

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Regenovue Aquashine Plus

Introducing Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus, a remarkable natural moisturizer that deeply hydrates your skin. This innovative dermal filler not only effectively moisturizes but also provides a mesotherapy effect on the skin.

Thanks to its long-lasting properties, Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus works wonders in improving skin elasticity, fighting wrinkles, and rejuvenating your complexion. This sensational product contains partially cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and is proudly manufactured by NeoGenesis, a renowned Korean company known for their commitment to quality.

One of the most impressive features of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus is its gender-neutral suitability. Both men and women can benefit from its overall youthful effect on the skin. Embrace the transformative power of this moisturizer and experience its unique ability to revitalize and hydrate your skin like never before.

Regenovue Aquashine Plus Restore Skin

Where To Use Regenovue Aquashine Plus?

Aqua Shine Plus can be applied to areas such as the nasolabial folds, forehead, chin, lips, between the eyebrows, and the rim of the eyes.

Regenovue Aquashine Plus Before After

Regenovue Aquashine Before & After
Regenovue Aquashine Before & After

Regenovue Aquashine Plus treatment

To achieve optimal results, it is suggested to undergo the Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus procedure three times, with an interval of eight weeks between each session. This series of treatments, performed by a certified professional, targets various areas such as the nasolabial folds, forehead, chin, lips, between the eyebrows, and the rim of the eyes.

The injection of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus is specifically targeted at the mid to lower dermis of the skin, ensuring its effectiveness in providing deep hydration and rejuvenation. This quick procedure typically takes approximately 15-30 minutes, offering convenience and efficiency to individuals seeking skin enhancement.

For enhanced benefits, the Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus procedure can also be combined with a Regenovue Aqua Shine treatment. By following the recommended treatment plan and combining these treatments, you can experience the full potential of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus and achieve remarkable results for your skin.

Regenovue Aquashine Treatment & Timeline
Regenovue Aquashine Treatment & Timeline

Regenovue Aquashine Plus key ingredients

  • Partially cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid 15mg/ml
  • Phosphate Buffered Saline pH7.0

What’s Inside

Each Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus treatment package includes three syringes, each containing 3ml of the product. In total, you will receive nine milliliters of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus. Additionally, one reusable handpiece is also included in the package. This handpiece is designed to aid in the precise application of the product during the treatment process.

Storage Precautions

  • Store in a cool, dry place below 30°C (86°F).
  • Never heat or freeze this product.
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight.
  • This product is single-use only. Don’t keep if seal is broken.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus?

Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus is a unique product that combines the properties of both mesotherapy and a filler. It effectively acts as a mesotherapy product by providing deep hydration and nourishment to the skin. At the same time, it also functions as a filler, helping to improve skin elasticity, battle wrinkles, and replenish lost volume.

The key ingredient in Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus is partially cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, which is present in its purest form. Hyaluronic Acid is well-known for its ability to attract and retain moisture, resulting in enhanced hydration and plumpness of the skin. The partial cross-linking of the Hyaluronic Acid helps to prolong the product’s effectiveness, ensuring long-lasting results.

By combining the benefits of both mesotherapy and a filler, Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus offers a comprehensive solution for skin rejuvenation, providing deep hydration, impressive wrinkle reduction, and volumizing effects.

How long does Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus last?

The effects of a full treatment of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus can typically last for around 6 to 8 months. However, it’s important to note that the duration of the results may vary from person to person. Factors such as individual skin characteristics, lifestyle habits, and the body’s metabolism can influence how long the effects of the treatment will last.

To maintain the results and prolong the benefits of Regenovue Aqua Shine Plus, it is recommended to follow a proper skincare routine, protect your skin from sun exposure, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, periodic touch-up treatments can be considered to extend the longevity of the results.

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  1. Verified owner yenideyg (verified owner)

    Good quality. Best price so far

  2. Verified owner Samantha Lee (verified owner)

    Product Benefits : Great value

    Great as a practice filler and super hydrating

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